Set of wet tyres for track on my R6 S13 - need help

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Set of wet tyres for track on my R6 S13 - need help

Postby Rami205 » Thu Feb 23, 2017 12:18 am

Hi guys,
I have bought a set of spare wheels for my R6 S13 for a track use.
The set off wheels already came with a pair of used track wet tyres fitted as follow:
Rear Bridgestone Racing Battlax S06Z in size 180/640R17
Front Bridgestone Racing ME01Z in size 120/600R17

I'm intending to start using wet set of wheels for my first time use on a wet track day (I'm a medium/high level on the track if that info required - dry only!!).

I have a few questions:
1.Does the below tyres should intended to be used as a Bridgestone set or they are mix?
The reason I ask this is also because I need to replace the front tyre as it's in bad condition, the rear has 80% life left and in excellent condition.
2.Are they good tyres for wet use? I didn't find a lot of info on the web..
3.Where do I find the compound info on them(soft/medium/hard)?
4.Are the above sizes the way it should be and the suitable for R6? as I'm used to the original sizes - Rear 180/55/17 & Front 120/70/17?
5.If the above set doesn't suit my bike and you recommend on a different set of wet tyres please feel free to share your personal recommendation as the "wet racing world" is very new to me and I never dare to ride on wet days before.

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