bank holidays

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bank holidays

Postby tonto » Fri Aug 26, 2011 6:27 pm

so, the post man (UPS) came today - wanted to deliver my Forge DV Spacer for the Leon!
and i was working, no one was at home, the Lass thought she would go out and see family, like they are more important than car parts ffs.

so, now they wont re deliver till tuesday! because of the s***** Bank Holiday! where, Kwik fit seems to be the only place bloody open! so im working!

i could go and collect it, but the ups depot, is 50 f****** miles away!..DAMN IT!

so roll on tueday!
6er sold now whats next?
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Re: bank holidays

Postby karlos » Mon Aug 29, 2011 12:12 pm

too right - I want to ring the DVLA - where's my log book- STILL?

I made the mistake of putting in the model type, on a previously imported bike to the UK which was previously registered. (model is blank) - despite the fact the chassis number, make YAM and 250cc tally they are doing checks into it apparently.. Ring Fowlers it's on the Yammaha database takes two seconds to make sure it tallys up.

I'd understand it if the log book said ford escort and I'm saying it's a yz - It's all correct, just missing info. The chassis number on the V5 and other details match the Yamaha database and the log book..It's not a ringer if it all tallys up. If someone used as ypvs 250 log book and stamped the frame up - Yamaha would say it's a ypvs not a YZ250WR on parts lists - they are a motocross bike and not normally road legal - that's why this is rare! -it was built to be reg'd from new, if it matches a manufaturers database it must be what it is..

If they take it anyway or re-register it I will go Nut's - it has to maintain it's original identity to be linked with yamaha as a WR version not just a YZ

I only wanted the yz250(wr) bit on V5 because it's a genuine yam enduro wide ratio box bike!

Not just a privately reg'd MX bike converted for road use - They were quite popular and quite rare now as a genuine model according to thumper talk..

Wish I had not bothered - freakin difficult explaining to pen pushers with tick boxes, that do not know what vehicle they are dealing with. It's only got enduro lighting - indicators not required, a full vehicle test will no doubt mean changing the yam spec.. which is all fine for Mot rules but probably not these tit's..

I doubt they will like the full FMF system either LOL

I'm just passed all that new bike stuff - it's all about character and memories for me.
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Re: bank holidays

Postby johnyjenz90 » Wed Oct 25, 2017 2:22 pm

it has to maintain it's original identity to be linked with yamaha as a WR version not just a YZ
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